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The questions in our database are current for 2014.

What can fccexams.com do for you?

  • Lets you know if you can pass the FCC exam. Saving you time and money.
  • Let's you view all the questions and answers.
  • Simulates a real FCC exam using the actual questions that will be on the exam.
  • Database tracks the questions your having difficulty with.
  • Scores your exams.

What license can I earn from passing these exams?

  • GROL - General Radiotelephone Operator License
  • GMDSS Radio Operator/Maintainer License
  • Marine Radio Operator Permit
  • Radar Endorsement
  • Radiotelegraph Operator License

We have the questions and answers that will be on your exam!

Online practice exam features:

  • Tracks your answer history and helps you to concentrate the questions you are having problems with.

  • Allows you to select questions you want to study, or questions based on your
    own answer history.

  • Allows you to shuffle the questions and the answers. This makes practice exams more challenging.

  • Teaches you the answers by utilizing a show answer option.

  • Allows you to re-take missed questions at the end of each exam.

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    Which exam element do you need to take?

    License Type Testing Elements
    Exam Element 1 3 6 7 8 9
    Radiotelegraph Operator License check   check      
    Marine Radio Operator Permit check            
    General Radio Operators License check check          
    GMDSS Radio Operator's License check       check    
    GMDSS Radio Maintainer's License check check         check
    Ship Radar Endorsement           check  

    Why is an FCC License so valuable? An FCC license is an excellent credential for career advancement because it's proof of a certain level of electronics know-how. Because it is a federal examination, the FCC license with its implied knowledge is accepted by industry nationwide.

    If you are looking to pass your FCC exam and obtain a Radio Operator License, then look no further! Increase your chances of passing your FCC exam by reviewing the actual questions and answers in a flashcard learning environment. Select questions by topic, or try your luck at passing a (very real) simulated exam. The simulated exams are dynamically created so you will never get the same set of exam questions. The questions are displayed exactly like you will see them on the real exam with all the charts, schematics, and figures. When you can constantly score 90% or better on our simulated exams, you can be confident of passing the real exam.

    Our online exam simulators cover:

    • General Radiotelephone Operator's License (GROL).
    • Marine Radio Operator's Permit (MROP).
    • Global Marine Distress Safety System Operator's License (GMDSSO).
    • Global Marine Distress Safety System Maintainer's License (GMDSSM).
    • Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate T1, T2, T3 written only.
    • Radar Endorsement

    All FCC questions are updated.

    • Element 1 consists of 24 questions from the question pool of 144 questions.
    • Element 3 consists of 100 questions from the question pool of 600 questions.
    • Element 5 consists of 50 questions from the question pool of 286 questions.
    • Element 6 consists of 100 questions from the question pool of 616 questions.
    • Element 7 consists of 100 questions from the question pool of 600 questions.
    • Element 8 consists of 50 questions from the question pool of 300 questions.
    • Element 9 consists of 50 questions from the question pool of 300 questions.

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